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(Archived as of 29th August 2020)

The Imperial Republic was created by Gamerman as a full republic to represent each imperial citizen.

Gamerman created a constitution which explained how the republic was to work, but he stated that the republic could be changed if necessary in the future.

It should be noted it was never voted on by member which before hand had voting right in a already made senate and Gamerman forced the group to become a republic. Overall the republic was ideal but the senate was inactive 99% of the time only active when Gamerman would force a new law (by way of he would invite alt accounts to vote in favour) or if drama (arguments) came about.

In late August of 2020, The Republic was taken down and DavidPrydain was elected as the new Emperor, thus ending the age of The First Imperial Republic.

The Constitution

Senate Ranks:

The Emperor - Although he doesn't have as much power as the Emperors beforehand, The Emperor acts as the head of the senate. He also represents the whole group. He can veto ANY proposals in the senate. The only way to change Emperors is to have The Imperial Elite make a vote on it. The Emperor's main task is to prevent tyranny in the senate/group.

Governors - There will always be 2 governors.

There are 2 governors separated into categories.

  1. Military Governor
  2. IIP Governor

Both have different jobs and govern different things, they still need to get approval from the senate for more major decisions. They serve a maximum of 3 months.

You may only run for 1 Governor each term to prevent people from running for both of them.

The current Governor has the right to run again after his term has ended and can be re-elected.

Senate - There must be a minimum of 15 senators, there is no limit to senators. The senate's job is to govern the Imperials. Senators vote on Proposals, any senator can make a proposal.

The senate has final say over governors however, this is to prevent tyranny.

Imperial Elite - These people can’t be elected by the senate, they are people who have served the Imperials very well. Imperial Elites are chosen based on a vote conducted by all imperial elite members. These people are to be respected at all times. Imperial Elite's should monitor the Emperor and take him down from his position if he abuses his power.

Primus Plus - oversee the branches they are appointed to. They can advise the centurion they are above, but the centurion isn't obligated to listen to them. The Centurion on the other hand doesn't have permission to command their Primus Plus. A Primus Plus is appointed by the Senate or the Emperor.



Proposals in the Imperial Senate is quite simple:

1. Someone pushes a Proposal in #senate-chat, giving clear information on what it means and what it will do. This is a vote and must include an @everyone mention or it will not count.

2. Senators can vote by reacting to the question with a Up or Down emoji (any up or down emojis are fine). This lasts a certain amount of time, the minimum amount of time for a military related vote is 1 hour. The minimum amount of time for any other vote is 12 hours.

3. If the proposal is passed it will be recorded in the channel #progress. Then it will be acted upon by senators who have the power to do so.


If in a situation of insiders taking over power, the emperor call a veto, the vote is permanently cancelled. Such a veto is definitive, there is no way of countering it. This is meant as a last method to guarantee the survival of imperials by putting this power into loyal people's hands. Using a veto for personal gain or desire is prohibited and will go against the Republic.


Debates may be held in the #senate-chat. They are perfectly fine and allowed in the senate.

Government Ranks

The senate can override these ranks if necessary, they can also change them.


Centurions govern a branch, they have full authority over their branch.


Generals are directly appointed by the senate or the Military Governor.

Putting proposals into action

Proposals are put into action by whoever it effects, for example: if there is a law that prohibits insiding, it would be passed onto the civilian consul to deal with it, he would pass it down to the primus pluses and they would pass it down to the centurions which would enforce it from there.

The law should be clearly documented here.

How to get in the Senate

To get into the senate, you need to have proven loyal to the group. The Emperor can invite unlimited people to it and every term, The Governor can invite 3. It’s recommended that there is a log of all proposal.

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