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The Seventh Emperors elections - 9th September 2019


Was one of the polls for the election, in 2019, this was the last one before the official election.

The seventh emperor's elections were controversial. There were six unofficial elections. Only one unofficial election is still recorded to this day being the fifth election, see here: and the last being the official, the most hyped period being split between Gamerman and DavidPrydain.

The results were as followed.

Their number Candidate Votes
1. Gammerman 22
2. Scooby 3
3. Karma 2
4. DavidPrydain 31
5. Sollux 4
6. Other 1

Eighth Emperors Elections - 19th of January 2020

The vote was only open to selected members in the Imperial Empire. Of which there were three candidates.

  1. Gammerman
  2. Scooby
  3. Basileus Constnatine

It should be noted that the rank Imperator was made up by Gamerman (his old account) and this rank is above that of Emperor. So if Gamerman would have won he would have both the highest ranks which members called him out on. It was said they were later kicked from the group by Gamerman for disrespecting him.

(It should be said the reason Gamerman shows up as different is due a player using two different accounts, one being his real irl name, this has been replace with his other account Gammerman as to protect his identity.)

Final result:

Candidates Votes Percentage
Gammerman 5 33.33%
Scooby 2 13.33%
Basileus Constnatine 8 53.33%

The Ninth Emperors Elections - 13th of February 2020

The Ninth emperors election was only open to higher-ups in the group. Of ranks within the federal ranks. See Ranks and Structure for more info. The result ended with Gamerman as the new Emperor. Was to have Gammerman (his old account) kicked from the group after a vote from the Consul Brickzeebra.

It should be noted that this vote was kept secret from the eighth Emperor and the Imperator Gammerman (his old account)

The results are not known. Only that Gamerman won the vote.

The 12th Emperor Elections 12th December - 14th December 2020

First round: for candidates for public election which is the second round, Only top six make it to that round.

candidates Vote percentage Qualified
ender 2 6.66% Yes
Basemester Sandel 1 3.33% No
FuriousJan 6 20% Yes
Farsk 1 3.33% No
Brickzebra 4 13.33% Yes
meesHB2004 1 3.33% No
Sparkey 1 3.33% No
Tanzinator 6 20% Yes
Krazykev 2 6.66% Yes
DavidPrydain 6 20% No
Info: 30 100% N/A

Second round: This is a public vote any Imperial member from the anarchy branches can vote here, this vote was held in the main discord server for Imperial Anarchy.

Tanzinator dropped out the election halfway though the public votes. He had 27 votes when he dropped. He was in 1st place.

Before tanz was dropped.png
Public election final.png

candidates Vote percentage Qualified
Brickzebra 25 30.86% Yes
Tanzinator 27** 33.33% No
ender 1 1.23% No
FuriousJan 23 28.39% Yes
Krazykev 5 6.17 No
info: 81 100% N/A

Third and final: round was the senate vote. This was held in the Imperials' Senate discord server.

Senate votes final.png

candidates Vote percentage Next Emperor
Brickzebra 2 9.52% No
FuriousJan 19 90.47% Yes
Info: 21 100% N/A

The 13th Emperor elections!

13th Emperor elections, which is in there votes 1st being the senate 2nd being a public Imperial group vote and 3rd and lastly being the senate again.

1st stage of votes. Held in Imperial Senate
Candidates Votes percentage Qualified
addeldde 1 10% Yes
Meldarion 4 40% Yes
Brickzebra 4 40% Yes
Driftking4500 1 10% Yes
RasmusTheGreat 0 0% No
NotElectro 0 0% No


2nd stage of the Imperial public elections. All Imperials get to vote from Auxiliary and up
Candidates Votes percentage Qualified
addeladde 6 8.10% No
Meldarion 32 43.24% Yes
Brickzebra 34 45.94% Yes
Driftking4500 2 2.70% No

The last stage of the election, held within the Imperial Senate
Candidates Votes percentage Becomes Emperor
Meldarion 6 60% Yes
Brickzebra 4 40% No

The Sixteenth Emperor Election

The first voting stage was held in Main discord server where all Imperial members could vote. (note they had to have the Imperial role befoe the vote started, many members could not vote)

First voting round results

First-round voting, held in the Imperials main discord server, all Imperial members can vote.
Candidates Votes Percentage Qualified
DavidPrydain 22 44% Yes
Tanzinator 20 40% Yes
Rarespasticat 1 2% No
mrmesh1117 4 8% No
Shotz & FuriousJan 3 6% No
Info: 50 100% N/A

Senate second-round vote results

Second and last voting round. Held in the senate.
Candidates Votes Percentage Becomes Emperor
Tanzinator 6 50% Yes
DavidPrydain 6 50% No
Info: 12 100% N/A

The vote was a draw so the two candidates had to play a 1v1, the elites chose that they must 1v1 in a game of Pokemon. see the reply of the whole match here:

Tanzinator Speech

DavidPrydain Speech